I just had to write you a quick note to let you know how very much I appreciated you letting me be with my daughter, Valerie Leek, during both dress rehearsal and the night of the recital. I know that is not "standard protocol" and I never wanted to be in the way of anyone or anything. Valerie missed the last two weeks of school, graduation, two award ceremonies, and we were afraid she was going to miss her first recital as well due to her recent surgeries. She was back at the doctor on June 23rd for complications and we were so thrilled when we learned she was going to be okay to be in the show on the 24th. Seeing Valerie perform on stage from the "wings" was something that I will always remember. It brought tears to my eyes to see her having fun and dancing with her classmates! Thank you! My family and I have always said since Valerie was 2.5 years old that we definitly chose the right dance school. This was just another way of us being reminded that Valerie will always have a "dance family" at LIAD. Thank you again for everything. Your kindness, genuine concern, and warmth meant so much. 

My son found his passion for dance six years ago and we found it at LI Academy of Dance. Since, the road at this studio has been a positive one. My son has gone from black belt martial artist, to dance artist. He joined the competition team with the genre Hip Hop, AND after that first year of dancing, my son knew his life belonged on stage. Thanks to the Directors, Teachers and Dancers, he has become a competition dancer, dancing all genres. He has expanded his horizons and his passion is dance. The Directors, Teachers and Staff at this studio, are the best that anyone can ever expect and the focus is technique. It is proven that our technique is the main focus, by the high scores the team takes home when they compete. We are grateful to our LIAD family. We can not imagine life without them..... 

My Son Found his Passion at LIAD - Lisa S. 

LIAD is a Wonderful Dance School - Lisa R.

     LIAD is a wonderful dance school! The staff is always courteous and helpful. The instructors are well trained and they always demonstrate professionalism. The students are taught proper technique right from the start and it is amazing to see the progress the girls and boys make in a year's time. LIAD's recital is the best I've seen (and I've seen quite a few from other Long Island dance schools) ...It's like being at a Broadway show!! I highly recommend this studio!!!

This Studio is Perfect! - Laura F.

     This studio is the perfect fit for both a recreational dancer and a dancer that wants to develop skills for a professional career. No matter what you are looking for in a studio, you will find it at LIAD. I am continually impressed at the hard work and dedication it takes the directors, teachers and support staff to keep this a top-notch school and simply a great place for the students and their parents. It is no small undertaking to do what they do and they never falter. Year after year you see the quality! You owe it to your child and to yourself to contact LIAD when making your choice. You'll get as much out of this wonderful place as we all do.

We Chose the right dance school - Allison L.

     Both of my daughters started dancing at LIAD when they were four years old. I can not begin to tell you what this dance school has done for my kids. Not only have they learned how to really dance from excellent instructors, but it has taught them discipline. It has taught them to work hard and organize their time. This school promotes excellence and high standards. They have instilled a work ethic and given life lessons that have become a part of who my children are as people, not just dancers. Great teachers and a great school. There is no other dance school in my mind.

We can't Imagine Being Anywhere Else! - Tracy

     My daughters have been dancing at LIAD for 8 years. Simply put, they love dancing at LIAD! Since day one, they have been taught proper technique from their friendly and supportive staff, and each year I am always amazed at how much they have learned and grown as dancers. My oldest daughter is on their competition team, and their award-winning choreography is spectacular. We have formed lasting friendships with the girls that they dance with and their parents. LIAD is a very special place, and we can’t imagine being anywhere else!

This School Promotes Excellence & High Standards - Colleen D.

     We just returned from our fourth LIAD performance. It seems to get better and better each year. The planning, coordination and execution of a 3 hour performance is by no means an easy task and you and the LIAD staff deserve a round of applause for your efforts. To coordinate each dance, the music, the scenery and make everything fit into a precise time is truly amazing. I started this communication with "we" meaning my husband and myself and our daughter's grandparents. My husband went to the first recital (4 ears ago)just to "be there" for her and now he wouldn't miss it for the world. And, this is a man who hates ballet. He enjoys the variety of LIAD's presentations - the "little ones" who look to each other (or the person behind the curtain) to guide them as to what to do next, the "almost beginners" who are so earnest about getting each and every step and move "just right", the budding talents of the older group, and the obvious talents of the teens. The costumes this year were especially beautiful and, all in all, it was a very enjoyable night! I will end with THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

Joining the LIAD Family - Denise

     My daughters have been dancing at LIAD for 5 years and love it. The dance technique and skills they have learned at LIAD are incomparable. They have grown into such beautiful dancers since joining the LIAD family and are both part of the Competition Team. Between the friendships they have made and the caring teachers they have, they wouldn't have it any other way than to be dancing at LIAD! The June recital can easily be compared to a Broadway Show and our families are in amazement every year of the quality of the show. Being a part of LIAD has truly been and amazing experience for my daughters. Thank you Jill and Sandy.

Sundays Performance* Wouldn't Miss it for the world! - Eileen & Cliff B.

     I didn't know when I signed my daughter up for dance classes 13 years ago, that her presence on a stage would bring me such immeasurable joy & pride. I didn't know that she would become a competition dancer by the age of 9, and find the stage her home.

I didn't know that my daughter would learn at such a young age, how to manage her time, so that procrastination would not ever be a part of her style. I didn't know that the discipline of a dance schedule, would spill over to the discipline in her schooling, earning her Honors Awards every year. I didn't know that a full schedule of dance classes and rehearsals would keep her out of trouble and all the darkness too much free time can bring to adolescents. I didn't know that her love for performing would develop into becoming a dancer being recognized for her Broadway potential. I didn't know that her dance training would transform her into such a well-trained technical dancer that it would earn her scholarships for college. I didn't know that the Teachers & Secretaries would be such extraordinary women that would serve as the role models for my daughter throughout the years. I didn't know that the girls my daughter danced with, would become the sisters she always wanted and never had. I didn't know that Jill and Sandy would become my family forever and play such a vital part in my daughter's upbringing and in my life as well. I didn't know when I signed my daughter up for dance 13 years ago, how painfully difficult it would be to say goodbye one day. But I am forever grateful for everything LIAD has brought to her life & to mine. LIAD has trained my daughter to be a brilliant technical dancer and show stopping performer. But more importantly, the bonds created, the qualities instilled, and precious memories, have helped to make my daughter a better person. I am forever grateful for the day I signed up my Julia Rose for dance classes at LIAD.

A Note From a Dance Mom - Phyllis M.

For over 50 years we have positively touched the lives of so many families on Long Island through dance.

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