A combination of SYTYCD, Street, Pop and Lock  taught in jazz pants and sneakers; very aerobic and very exciting. No technique to worry about - just sweat and enjoy one of the hottest dance classes.

Hip Hop * Age 6+

Contemporary is a  jazz based form of dance (SYTYCD) using dynamics of movement, music &  improv to express yourself.

Contemporary * Age 12+

Jazz * Age 6+

Tap * Age 6+

Lyrical * Age 10+

Lyrical is a ballet based fluid form of dance (SYTYCD) that creates a story while using your extentions, balance and control.

Ballet * Age 6+

All ballet classes are taught in a classical manner, combining Vaganova (Russian), French, and Cechetti (Italian) Styles. We stress correct terminology, body placement, body direction, proper technique and controlled stretching. Ballet is the foundation on all dance forms; it is strongly encouraged for all serious students. All elements of barre, center adagio & allegro, and across the floor are worked weekly.

Kindergarten Combo * Age 5

This is our popular hour combination class, 40 min. ballet, 20 min. tap. A delightful progression of our Nursery Programs(see above) with the exciting addition of tap shoes. Basic acro is taught, tu-tu's and silk flowers are used. In addition we continue to build self esteem and confidence to last a lifetime. Fun Class with props and childrens songs.  Classes available during the week and Saturday morning.

Pre-K * Age 4

A progression of our Nursery Program (see above) with additional ballet technique and terminology, basic tap technique, basic acro, memorization and preparation for our kindergarten program. Classes available during the week and Saturday morning.

Tiny Tots * Age 2-3 * 

A special TLC class for our baby ballerinas. Basic ballet dance fundamentals, French terminology, exercise, creative movement with tu-tu's and silk flowers, and basic acro are taught. Dancing to popular childrens songs and nursery rhythms the Nursery 1 program is a nurturing and exciting environment. Classes are 45 minutes and available mornings and afternoons during the week and Saturday morning.

This is a special program for our tiniest little dancers. Tender loving care is given to teach basic coordination, right from left, ballet class basics, and class structure. Fun additions such as scarves, mats, toddler tunes, and a parachute ensure an exciting 45-minute class. Although our tiniest dancers are not in our year-end recital, the students perform a memorable dance in the studio for Mom and Dad.

Nursery * Ages 3-4

• 3 Year Ribbons

 7 Year Trophies

• 10 Year Trophies

• Lifetime Awards  

to our 

dedicated students


Long Island Academy is a complete dance arts facility; employing the finest skilled professionals in every field, and offers you the finest training available anywhere. Classical and Modern Ballet, Pointe, Popular Jazz, Trendy Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern & Floor Barre. Morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday classes available.

The purpose of Long Island Academy is to encourage and provide the necessary correct training to produce a professional dancer: with the realization in mind that not all students entering into a dance program go on to professional careers. Our program is designed to build character, confidence and grace, both mentally and physically, into each and every student.

​All classes are structured with allotted time on the barre, center floor, progressions across the floor and combinations. They are all presented in a positive, encouraging manner stressing direction and discipline. All classes of all ages learn the proper terminology and technique of the dance steps. The Dancers are also separated by age and ability, as each age and level learn at a different rate. Its not boot camp, however it is structured --but fun.
​LIAD Dance students that complete Nursery, Pre-K, and the Kindergarten Program each receive a beautiful engraved 3rd year RIBBON!
A combination of MTV, Hip Hop, SYTYCD, roadway, and Hollywood, taught to current music. Classes offer proper technique, strecthing, terminology, and incorporate ballet technique to develop a strong jazz foundation. Exciting warm-up on barre, center, isolations, down floor progressions, and dynamic combinations are taught weekly for memory, performance skills and fun.

The Drum Beat of Dance - all tap classes are taught on the the balls of the feet, with proper ankle technique, to develop rhythm, style and grace, while working towards our aim of speed and clarity. Exciting progressions and combinations are taught weekly for memory and performance skills.

All Boyz Hip Hop * Age 6+

A student begins pointe when they are quite acomplished in ballet, as pointe is only an extention on ballet. Children should not begin pointe until their bone and muscle structures have been fully developed and strengthened (not before 11 or 12 years of age and with a minimum of 2 years training and teacher recommendation), as this can cause permanent damage to the entire skeletal system.

Pointe * Age 11+

 Hip Hop Classes for All Boyz - ages 5-8 & ages 9+.  Learning A combination of SYTYCD, Street, Pop and Lock  taught the boyz way!