ELITE April 1-3, 2022

Highest Scoring Competitive Solo/Duo/Trio of the weekend -

The Village

Highest Scoring Intermediate Group/Line/Production of the weekend -

Inside the Nightmare

1st Inside The Nightmare
1st When Life Breaks you
1st The Village

1st The Entity
1st Hold Me While You Wait
1st Ain’t No Other Man
1st You’re worth More

1st Voice Of God
1st All For The Best
1st Game Of Survival

2nd The Britney Experience
2nd Leave The Light On

2nd Woman's Work
2nd Runway
2nd Bruises
2nd Replay
2nd Sugar
2nd Need You Now

2nd Salute
3rd Do Your Thang
3rd Blue Jeans
3rd The Call
3rd Broken

3rd Minions

3rd Wicked Little Girls
4th Till It Happens
4th War Table
4th Sucker
5th A Man’s World
5th Dior
5th Fire On Fire
5th Take Ova
5th Fix It To Break It
5th Mean Girls

5th Umbrella
6th When I Grow Up
7th Fall On Me
7th Let It All Go
7th Play That Sax
8th Mad Hatter

8th Hit Me With Your Best Shot
9th Diamonds
10th Jealous
10th Demeanor

10th Upgrade U

Beyond The Stars March 4-6, 2022

Highest Scoring 12 and under Rising Star Group of Weekend
All For The Best

Overall Top Scores in Each Genre for The weekend
IDA - Best Jazz - Mans World
IDA - Best Open - Till It Happens to You
IDA - Best Tap - Do Your Thang
IDA - Best Hip Hop - Dior

1st- The Britney Experience
1st - Hold me while you wait
1st - Salute
1st - Voice of God
1st - All For The Best
1st - Umbrella
2nd - Inside the Nightmare
2nd - Till It Happens To You
2nd - Runway
2nd - Replay
2nd -Sucker for you
2nd - Minions
3rd - The Village
3rd - Do Your Thang
3rd - You’re Worth More
3rd - Take Ova
4th - A Man’s world
4th - Dior
4th - Blue Jeans
4th - War Table
4th - Wicked little girls
5th - Unknown
5th - Leave The Light On
5th - Game of survival
6th - Redemption
6th - When I Grow up & Sugar
6th -Ain’t no other man
6th - Play That Sax
7th - Bruises & Demeanor
7th - Jealous
7th - Broken
7th - The Call
7th - Mean Girls
8th - When Life Breaks You
9th - Fall On Me
10th - Pay Day

Starbound Jan 22, 2022

You’re worth more - 1st place overall

Let it go - 1st place overall

Sucker - 1st place overall

Here I go - 1st place overall
Broken - 2nd place overall

The call - 2nd place overall
Fall on Me - 3rd place overall

When I grow up - 3rd place overall
The village - 4th place overall
Bruises - 5th place overall

Ain’t no other man - 5th place overall

Mama knows - 5th place overall
Toxic - 9th place overall
Redemption - 10th place overall

Turn it up Nationals 2021 - Foxwoods



MOST ENTERTAINING- The VMAS & Eyes on Us & Skool
TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE- What the world needs now & Mon Dieu
CHOREOGRAPHY- Rescue & Lockdown

1st VMAS
1st A Broken Home​

1st Bad Guy

1st Ashes

1st Do you know

2nd Nightmare
2nd Wild Hearts

2nd Fergalicious

2nd Bellhop boogie

2nd Never Again

2nd Skool

2nd Bounce

3rd You’re worth more

3rd The Greatest

3rd call me in morning

3rd Me Too

4th What the world needs now

4th 42nd street

4th pretty girls

4th hit em up style

4th cardi vs Nicki

5th Mon Dieu
5th Amen

5th Falling in love

5th you’re the reason

5th Got Your Number
6th Closure

6th Eyes on us
7th head & heart

7th No Sea left

12th Sorry

14th can’t help falling in love

14th Beggin

Dance Xplosion - May 1-3

X Calibur Xcelerated *Highest score of weekend 13+
1st The VMAS

X Calibur Rising Star
3rd Got Your Number

Xtreme senior solo
2nd Listen to your heart
3rd Mon Dieu
10th Redemption
11th Fall in Line
19th Stomp
20th Fame

Xtreme teen trio
7th 90 Days

Xtreme senior trio
1st Amen
2nd Wild Hearts
4th Closure
10th sugar

Xtreme senior small group
1st You’re worth more
3rd Military Wives
4th Boss B
6th World needs now
9th Savage

Xtreme teen large group
4th Falling in love

Xtreme Senior Large Group
2nd Eyes in us
3rd Lockdown
5th 42 Street

Xcelerated junior solo
5th fergalicious
6th Little bird

Xcelerated teen solo
6th no sea left for me
10th pretty girls

Xcelerated senior solo
3rd The Greatest
4th Beggin
5th Sorry

Xcelerated junior trio
9th who dat chick

Xcelerated teen trio
1st A Broken home
2nd Bell hop
3rd You’re the reason

Xcelerated senior trio
1st do you know
2nd Call me in morning
3rd Hit Em Up

Xcelerated teen small group
3rd let the groove get in

Xcelerated Teen Small group
3rd Cardi Vs Nicki
6th Skool
10th Ashes

Xcelerated teen large group
1st Bad Guy
2nd Bounce
4th Never again

Xcelerated Productions
1st The VMAS
2nd Inside The Nightmare

Rising star junior large group
1st Got your number
2nd Me Too

​Beyond The Stars April 16-18


Stellar Awards 13+ Highest scoring Dance of Weekend
Inside The Nightmare

Highest Scoring Subject 13+
IDA Jazz - Eyes on Us
IDA Contemp/Lyrical - You’re Worth More
IDA Tap - Lockdown
IDA Peoples Choice - Inside the Nightmare

**All Star Category**
Solo 10-12
2nd Little Bird
4th Fergalicious

Solo 13-15
5th Pretty Girls
6th No sea Left for me
9th Can’t Help Falling in Love

Solo 16-20
3rd Mon Dieu
5th Rescue
9th Be Alright

Duo 10-12
2nd A Broken Home

Duo 13-15
3rd 90 Days
6th Call in the Morning
7th Hit Em Up Style
9th Do You Know

Duo 16-20
1s t Amen
2nd Wild Hearts
4th Naughty Girls
5th Noise
6th Sugar

Small Group 13-15
5th CardI VS Nicki

Small Group 16-20
1st You’re Worth More
3rd what the world needs now
4th Military Wives
6th Boss B
8th Savage

Large Group 13-15
5th Never Again
4th Bad Guy
3rd 42nd Street
2nd Eyes On Us
1st Falling in Love

Large Group 16-20
2nd Lockdown

1st Inside The Nightmare
2nd The VMAS

**Rising star category**
Solo 16-20

4th The Greatest

Duo Trio 10-12
3rd Who Dat Chick

Duo Trio 13-15
7th You’re The Reason

Small group 10-12
10th Let the Groove Get in

Small group 13-15
2nd Skool
7th Ashes

Large group 10-12
1st Me Too
2nd Got Your Number

Large Group 13-15
3rd Bounce

Elite March 5-7



13 and over Most Entertainment awards “The VMAS”
Highest Scoring Competitive Solo “Mon Dieu”
Highest Scoring Competitive Group “Boss B”
Highest Scoring intermediate Solo “Fergalicious”
Highest Scoring Intermediate Group “The VMAS”
Highest Scoring Recreational Group “Got your number!

Senior Competitive Solo
1st Mon Dieu
2nd Be Alright
3rd Havana
5th Listen To Your Heart
6th Focus
8th Survivor
9th Dirty Diana

Senior Competitive Trio
1st Closure
2nd Amen & Wild Hearts
4th Sugar
5th Noise
7th Fabulous
8th Naughty Girls

Senior Competitive Line
1st Lockdown
Senior Competitive Small Group
1st Boss B
2nd Savage
3rd You’re worth more
4th What the world needs
5th Military Wives

Teen Competitive Trio
3rd 90 Days

Teen Competitive Large Group
1st Eyes on Us
2nd Falling in Love

Senior Intermediate Solo
1st The Greatest
2nd Beggin
3rd Sorry

Teen Intermediate Solo
1st No Sea left for me
2nd Head & Heart
5th Can’t help falling in love
9th Pretty girls

Teen Intermediate trio
1st Hit em up style
2nd Bellhop Boogie
3rd Do you know
4th Call me in the morning
5th you are the reason

Teen intermediate production
1st The VMAS
2nd Inside the Nightmare

Teen Intermediate large group
1st 42nd street
2nd never again
4th Bad Guy
5th Bounce

Teen intermediate small group
1st CardI Vs Nicki
2nd Skool
4th Ashes

Young Intermediate Solo
1st Fergalicious

Young teen intermediate trio
1st A Broken Home
5th Who Dat Chick

Young intermediate small group
2nd Let the Grove Get in

Young teen Recreational large group
1st I got your number
2nd Me Too

1st Runner Up “Hurt”
5th Runner Up “Rescue”

Starbound Jan 28th


Super Senior Elite Solo
1st Hurt (highest score of the entire weekend 299.3)
3rd Blinding Lights
9th Stomp
10th Mon Dieu

Super Senior Elite Trio
1st Wild Hearts
2nd Amen
3rd Closure

Senior Elite Solo
1st Resue
4th Listen To Your Heart
5th Havana
7th Fall in Line

Super Senior Competitive Solo
4th The Greatest

Super Senior Competitive Trio
2nd Sugar
3rd Call me in the morning
4th Do you know

Teen Competitive Solo
4th Head & Heart
8th Pretty Girls

Teen Competitive Trio
1st A Broken Home
2nd Bellhop
3rd You’re the Reason

Pre Teen Competitive Solo
1at Fergalicious
4th Little Bird

Bravo Feb 8th


 Bravo Senior Solo
2nd “Loss” 
4th “Someone You loved”
10th “Can’t Help Falling in Love” 
13th “Died in Your arms” 
14th “Rain Dance 
15th “Is that Alright” 

Bravo Senior Trio
2nd “Closure” 
3rd “Sticks & Stone”
4th “Express” 
5th “Ready or Not” 

Encore Senior Trio 
1st “Shut up & Dance”
4th “Can you hold me” 
5th “Dreamville”

Encore Teen Trio 
5th “PTSD”
8th “Tap To That”
10th “That Boy”

Junior Trio 
3rd “Pretty Girls” 

Scholarship Winner “Sober”

Revolution May 3-5

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results


Highest scoring Intermediate Dance
Get me bodied

Choreography Award - Advanced Level

The 4 Elements

Golden Ticket Winners 
The 4 Elements
Let me Out
Get me Bodied 
It’s my Party

Advanced Senior Trio 
Move 4th 
Female 7th
Withdrawal 8th

Advanced Senior Line 
Dreams and nightmares 2nd

Advanced Senior Small Group 
Refugee 7th
Mirror Mirror 9th
Wall to wall 10th

Advanced Senior Large Group 
Let me out 3rd 
Don’t kill my vibe 4th 
You raise me up 5th 
Aspire 6th

Advanced Teen Trio 
Ending 1st

Advanced Teen Line 
The 4 Elements 2nd 

Advanced Teen Small Group 
Faith 7th

Intermediate Senior Solo 
Outrageous 2nd 
Heartburn 4th 
Turn to stone 6th 
Yes, indeed 8th

Intermediate Senior Small Group 
Ain’t no mountain 3rd

Intermediate Senior Large Group 
PTSD 4th
I’m a mess 5th

Intermediate Teen Solo
Hanna 3rd 
Aubrie 8th

Intermediate Teen Trio
Muddy Waters 1st
Pocketbook 3rd
New Rules 7th
Lone Digger 8th

Intermediate Teen Small Group 
Woman 1st
Motorsport 2nd 
Play that sax 9th

Intermediate Teen Large Group 
Get me bodied 1st
Cardi Bee 2nd 
Battered 3rd 
Aliens 4th 
Nicki 6th

Intermediate Junior Duo 
The girls 1st

Intermediate Junior Small Group 
It’s my party 4th
Let me go 10th

Turn It Up - Apirl 13-15

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

IDA Tap Award — Wall to Wall
IDA Hip Hop Award— Life Goes on 
Technical excellence— Let Me Out & Ending 
Senior Heart of gold — When you say my name

Competitive Teen Senior Solo 
Bruises 5th
Bring him home 9th

Competitive Teen Senior Line 
Aspire 3rd

Competitive Teen Senior Small Group
Life goes on 2nd
Mirror 4th
Say something 5th

Competitive Teen Senior Large Group 
Let me out 2nd
Don’t kill my vibe 4th
Raise me up 5th

Competitive Teen Solo 
Sober 4th

Competitive Teen Trio 
Ending 2nd

Intermediate Production 
The Elements 1st

Intermediate Teen Senior Line 
Dreams and nightmares 1st

Intermediate Teen Senior Large Group 
Cardi bee 1st

Intermediate Teen Senior Solo 
Heartburn 2nd
Turn to stone 9th

Intermediate Teen Senior Trio 
Noise 1st
Shape of you 2nd
The boy is mine 3rd
Money 5th

Intermediate Teen Senior Small Group 
Ain’t No Mountain 2nd

Intermediate Teen Senior Large Group 
I’m a mess 1st 
PTSD 2nd

Intermediate Teen Solo
Kiki 1st
Photograph 4th
Ain’t nothing wrong 7th
Darker 8th

Intermediate Teen Trio 
Muddy waters 1st
New rules 2nd
Pocketbook 5th

Intermediate Teen Small Group 
Faith 1st
Woman & Play that Sax 2nd
Motorsport & Rise Up 3rd

Intermediate Teen Large Group 
Get me Bodied 1st
Battered 2nd
Aliens 3rd
Nicki 5th

Intermediate Junior Duo
The Girls 1st

Intermediate Junior Small Group
It’s My Party 3rd
Let Me Go 4th

Novice Junior Small Group
Mixtape 1st

Starquest - March 8-10

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results



Senior Line Select
Aspire — 1st overall 
Dreams night mare — 2nd overall

Senior Select Solo 
When you say my name — 12th Overall
Never letting go — 19th Overall​

Senior Classic Duo/Trio
Noise — 2nd Overall

Senior Classic Small Group 
Motor sport - 3rd Overall 
Ain’t No Mountain - 4th Overall

Senior Classic Large Group
Ptsd — 3rd Overall 
I’m a mess — 4th Overall

Senior classic solo 
“ Heartburn “— 8th Overall
“Turn To Stone” — 9th Overall

Teen Select Trio 
Ending — 4th Overall

Teen Classic Line 
Elements — 1st Overall

Teen Classic Small Group 
Faith — 2nd Overall

Teen Classic Solo
“ Kiki “— 4th Overall 
“ Secret Love Song “ — 8th Overall 
“ Darker “— 12th Overall

Teen Classic Large Group 
Battered — 2nd Overall 
Get me Bodied — 3rd Overall

Teen Classic Trio 
Muddy waters — 2nd overall
New rules — 3rd Overall
Lone digger — 5th overall 
Pocketbook — 6th Overall

Junior Classic Dup/Trio 
“The Girls “ — 1st overall

Junior Classic Small Group 
It’s my party — 2nd Overall 
Come On Everybody — 4th Overall
Let me go — 5th Overall

Junior Novice Small Group 
Mix tape — 4th Overall

Imagine- Feb 8-9

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

2nd Place “Withdrawal” (senior trio)
3rd Place “Ending” (teen trio) 
5th Place “Move” (senior trio)
6th Place “Female” (senior trio) 
9th Place “When You Say My Name” (senior solo) 
10th Place “Hot Like Wow” (senior trio)

1st Place “Noise” (senior duo)
1st Place “Muddy Waters” (teen trio) 
1st Place “The Girls” (junior duo) 
2nd Place “Outrageous” (senior solo)
2nd Place “Shape of you” (Senior trio) 
3rd Place “Heartburn” (senior solo) 
3rd Place “New Rules” (teen trio)
5th Place “Kiki” (teen solo)
6th Place “Turn To Stone (senior solo)
6th Place “Pocketbook” (teen trio)
9th Place “Darker” (teen solo) 
10th Place “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” (teen solo)

Scholarship Winner Maddie S! 
Powerpack Winners Izzy S, Hanna R, Annabel A

Choreography Winner “Ending” 
Strength in Movement “Silhouette” 
Syncopated Trio “New Rules”

Dance Xplosion - May 3-6

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results


Senior Line/Production

9th Place "Bang Bang"

10th Place "The Jungle"

Senior Large Group

7th Place "Unsteady"

9th Place " Queens"

10th Place "All Aboard"

Senior Duo/Trio

2nd Place "Battered"

3rd Place "Cry"

9th Place "Rescue My Heart"

Senior Solo

7th Place "I Know U" - Keara T. 

12th Place "Make it Rain" - Kailey G. 

15th Place "Jumpin" - Kenzie R.

16th Place "No Diggity" - Sydney T.

18th Place "River"- Madison C. 

25th Place " Women's Work" - Dina H. 

Teen Line/Production

5th Place "Fosse"

Teen Solo

10th Place "Shape of You" - Cait R. 

18th Place "Silhouette" - Madison S. 


Teen Small Group

2nd Place "Look what you made me do"

3rd Place "Wild"

4th Place "Super Girls"

Teen Large Group

3rd Place "Gatsby"

4th Place "Can I Be Him"

7th Place "Derulo"

9th Place "You Make Me Wanna"

10th Place "Feet Don't Fail"

Teen Duo/Trio

1st Place "Run"

2nd Place "Body"

3rd Place "Dance is what we believe"

4th Place "Feel it Still"

5th Place "Beauty & a Beat"

6th Place "Banji"

Teen Solo

1st Place "Islands"

4th Place "Jealous"

5h Place "Disturbia"

6th Place "Bug-A-Boo"

7th Place "Grace"

8th Place "Diamonds"

9th Place "Plain Jane"

Junior Small Group

3rd Place "Wolf"

Junior Large Group

4th Place "Sing"

6th Place "We Work it"

Senior Small Group

1st Place "Rhianna"

2nd Place "The 90s"

Senior Large Group

3rd Place "What About us"

Senior Duo/Trio

6th Place "Cupid Shotgun"


Junior Small Group

1st Place "Man With A Hex"

Junior Duo 

"1st Place "Hair"

Beyond The Stars - April 13-15
Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

16-20 All Star Small Group
5th Place "Nothing But The Water"

16-20 All Star Large Group
1st Place "Unsteady"
2nd Place "Queens"
3rd Place "Bots"

16-20 All Star Duo/Trio
1st Place "Nothing Holding Me Back
2nd Place "Battered"
3rd Place "Piece by Piece"

16-20 All Star Solo
4th Place "Ain't No Other Man"
9th Place "I Know U"
10th Place "Stone Cold"

13-15 All Star Production
5th Place "Fosse"

13-15 All Star Line
2nd Place "Bang Bang"
3rd Place "Jungle"

13-15 All Star Small Group
9th "Breezy"
10th" Look What You Made Me Do"

13-15 All Star Large Group
7th Place "Can I Be Him"

13-15 All Star Duo/Trio
3rd Place "Run"
5th Place "Cry"
6th Place "Rescue My Heart"
7th Place "Dance is What We Believe"
8th Place "Feedback"
9th Place "Body"

13-15 All Star Solo
7th Place "Shape of You"
9th Place "Bug-A-Boo"

13-15 Rising Star Small Group
2nd Place "Rhianna"
7th Place "Fright Fest"

13-15 Rising Star Large Group
2nd Place "U Make Me Wanna"
3rd Place "Salute"
4th Place "Feet Don't Fail" & "Derulo"
8th Place "What About Us"

10-12 Rising Star Small Group
9th Place "Super Girls"

10-12 Rising Star Large Group
2nd Place "Sing"
7th Place "7 Years"
8th Place "We Work it"

7-9 Shooting Star Small Group
1st Place "Man With A Hex"

7-9 Shooting Star Duo/Trio
1st Place "Hair"

Highest Scoring Dance of the Shooting Star Category
"Man With A Hex"

Bravo - February 9th

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results - Solos only


3rd - "Impossible" - Keara T.

7th - "Jumpin' Jumpin'" - Kenzie R.

9th - "Make it Rain" - Kailey G. 

11th -- "Over You" - Dina H. 


6th - "Silhouette" - Maddie S. 

7th - "Bug-A-Boo" - Mado R. 

8th - "Island" - Izzy S. 

9th - "Disturbia" - Kalysta T. 

Starbound - April 28-30

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results


2nd - "Jungle"
Super Senior Solo

10th - "I'm A Creep" - Dina H.

Senior Solo

6th - "I Know U" - Keara T. 

Senior Duo/Trio

4th - "Expensive

8th - "I'm Not Living Without You

​9th - "Blue Jeans"


Senior Solo
6th – “Let’s Be Bad” - Steph F. 
10th  – “Me, Myself, & I” - Courage C. 
Senior Duo/Trio
2nd – “Royalty”
Senior Small Group
1st  – “Subway”
Senior Small Group
1st  – “Subway”
Senior Large Group
2nd  – “Student Loans”
Teen Small Group
1st  – “Work Song”
7th  – “Formation
Teen Large Group
1st – “Emergency”
2nd – “Bounce”
Junior Solo
4th  – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” - Izzy S. 
Junior Duo/Trio
8th  – “Me & My Girls”

Junior Large Group
3rd – “Pep Rally"


KAR - March 30 - April 2

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results


Highest Scoring Tap Routine of the Weekend - "Tap Battle"

KAR Convention Recipient - Isabel Sima 



2nd - "Jungle"

3rd - "Are You Ready For A Miracle" 

Senior Solos

6th - "Bills, Bills, Bills" - Mackenzie R.

15th - "The Greatest" - Jess K.

16th - "I Need Your Love" - Sydney T.

17th - "Human" - Bella R. 

Teen Solos

5th - "Can't Touch It" - Cait R.

Senior Duo/Trio

4th - "Blue Jeans"

7th - "'I'm Not Living Without You"

8th - "Georgia"

Teen Duo/Trio

1st - "Case Of The X"

2nd - "Royalty" 

Senior Small Group

6th - "Walk For Alzheimers"

9th - "Piece By Piece"

Senior Large Group

3rd - "Tap Battle"

8th - "Paris"

9th - "NY NY"

Teen Large Group

3rd - "All I Want"

Teen Duo/Trio

4th - "Boss"

7th - "Prom"

Teen Small Group

8th - "Formation"

Teen Large Group

10th - "Emergency"


Teen Duo/Trio

2nd - "That Man"

Teen Small Group

10th - Country Girl

Junior Line

1st - "Upside Down"

Starquest - March 10-12

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

**Odyssey Award** Most Entertaining Teen/Senior Dance of the weekend - "NY, NY"
**Appogee Award** Highest Scoring Classic Dance of the weekend - "Formation"

**Choreography** awarded to the studio for Traditional Technique & Clean Lines

Industry Dance Award Nominee * Musical Theatre - "NY, NY"



6th Place - "I've Seen Nothing" - Jenna A.
8th Place & 1st Runner Up Titlest - "I Know U" - Keara T.
9th Place - "All Again" - Bella R.
10th Place - "Turn Your Face" - Kailey G.


2nd Place - "NY NY" (Line)

5th Place - "Piece By Piece" (Sm. Group)


1st Place - "Jungle"

2nd Place - "Are You Ready For A Miracle"

8th Place - "Can't Touch It" - Cait R.
17th Place - "Tough Lover"- Maddie S. 

4th Place - "Case of The Ex"


1st Place - "All I Want" (Lg. Group)


9th Place & 2nd Runner Up Titlest - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - Izzy S.


1st Place - "Wild Woman"

7th Place - "Boss"
9th Place - "That Man"


1st Place - "Formation" (Sm. Group)

2nd Place - "Work Song" (Sm. Group)

2nd Place - "Bounce" (Lg. Group)



1st Place - "Upside Down" (Line)

1st Place - "Pep Rally" (Lg. Group)

Dance Xplosion - January 28 

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results



4th Place - "Turn Your Face" Kailey G.

7th Place - "The Greatest" Jess K.

9th Place - "I Know U" Keara T. 

11th Place - "All Again" Bella R.

15th Place - "Need Your Love" Sydney T.

16th Place - "I'm A Creep" Dina H. 


4th Place - "His Daughter" Riley S.

5th Place - "Bills" Mackenzie R.

8th Place - "Schindler's List" Kalysta T.

12th Place - "Can't Touch It" Cait R.

13th Place - "River" Maddie S. 

15th Place - "I see Nothing" Jenna A.


3rd Place - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Isabel S. 

Starbound Nationals July 10-15

Grand National Champions

"Are You Ready For A Miracle" 

Rule the World- 2nd Place Sr. Showcase
Elastic Heart- 7th Place Sr. Showcase

People Helping People- 4th Place Tn. Showcase 

Choreography Award: Elastic Heart

Dancer of the Month: Connor O’Keefe
Audience Choice Winner

1st Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Group ''Elastic Heart”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Group ‘’People Help People”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Duo “Love with a Monster”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Sm Group “Say Something”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Lg Group ‘’Beat Box"
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Lg Group “Seussical”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Solo “Fallen Angel”
1st Place Over All Hi-Score Jr. Lg Group “Magic”
3rd Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Solo “Ballet Class”
3rd Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Lg Group “Give Me Love”
3rd Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Sm Group "Can’t Touch This”
4th Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Lg Group “New Orleans”
5th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Trio "I Will Wait”
5th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Group ''Rule The World"
5th Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Trio “Queen Bee”
6th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Solo “Jumpin Jumpin”
7th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Solo “Tap To That”
7th Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Trio “Shaped Like a Gun”
7th Place Over All Hi-Score Jr. Trio “Minions”
9th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Group “Vanguardian”
9th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Trio “Earned It”
10th Place Over All Hi-Score Sr. Elite Solo "Mama”
10th Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Solo. “Future Husband”
10th Place Over All Hi-Score Tn. Trio “Swing Break”

Dance Xplosion - May 13-15 

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

X-Calibur Teen Xccelerated Groups - "Say Something"

X-Calibur Junior Xccelerated Groups - "People Help The People"
X-Calibur Junior Rising Star Groups - "Magic"

Choreography Award - "Give Me Love" & "People Help The People"

Xtreme Division

3rd Place - "Are You Ready For  A Miracle"
6th Place - "Divergent"

Mister Senior Title

2nd Place - Connor "American Beauty"

Senior Trios

4th Place - "Bongo Beats"

8th Place - "It's Your Thang"

Senior Large Groups

7th Place - "Rule The World"

9th Place - "Pour It Up"

10th Place - "Pirates"

Teen Solo

18th Place - Reghan "Missed"  

Teen Trios
8th Place - "Earned It"

Teen Small Group

1st Place - "Elastic Heart"

Xccelerated Division

Senior Large Group
1st Place - "Monsters"

Teen Solos

1st Place - Georgie "Fallen Angel"

3rd Place - Maddie "Dear Future Husband"

7th Place - Caitlin "Tap To That

Teen Duo/Trio

1st Place - "Shaped Like A Gun"

2nd Place - "Lift Me"

4th Place - "Queen Bee"

6th Place - "Swing Break"

7th Place - "Crazy Feet"

Teen Small Group

1st Place - "Say Something"

5th Place - "Power"

Teen Large Group

1st Place - "Beat Box"

2nd Place - "Burning Up"

3rd Place - "Give Me Love"

4th Place - "Trinidad"

6th Place - "How To Save A Life

Junior Duo/Trio

2nd Place - "Man Like That"

4th Place - "In Love With A Monster"

7th Place - "Minions"

Junior Small Group

1st Place - "People Help The People"

4th Place - "Cant Touch It"

Junior Large Group
1st Place - "Seussical"

4th Place - "Ridiculous"

5th Place - "Dancin' Fool"

Rising Star Division

Junior Large Groups

1st Place - "Magic"

2nd Place - "Imma Be"

Starbound - April 8-10 

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

Choreography Award - "Do Your Thing"

Audience Choice Award - "Elastic Heart" & "Minions"

Elite Division

1st Place - "Are You Ready For  A Miracle"
3rd Place - "Divergent"

Super Senior Solo

9th Place - Connor "American Beauty"

Senior Solo

8th Place - Reghan "Missed"

Teen Solo

4th Place - Mackenzie "Jumpin' Jumpin"

Senior Trios

4th Place - "I Will Wait"

6th - "Earned It"

7th - "Bongo Drums"

9th - "Something Big"

Senior Small Groups

2nd Place - "Elastic Heart"

3rd Place - "Bang"

10th Place - "Let It Be"

Senior Large Groups

4th Place - "Rule The World"

5th Place - "Do Your Thing"

9th Place - "Pirates"

Competitive Division

Teen Solo

1st Place - Maddie "Miss Invisible"

3rd Place - Georgie "Ballet Class"

4th Place - Maddie "Dear Future Husband"

5th Place - Caitlin "Tap To That"

8th Place - Georgie "Fallen Angel"

Teen Trio

1st Place - "Swing Break"

2nd Place - "Shaped Like A Gun"

4th Place - "Crazy Feet"

Junior Trio

2nd Place - "In Love With A Monster"

3rd Place - "Man Like That"

5th Place - "Minions"

Junior Large Groups

2nd Place - "Ridiculous"

7th Place - "Seussical"

Junior Small Groups

2nd Place - "People Helping People

4th Place - "Can't Touch It"

Teen Large Group

1st Place - "Burning Up"

2nd Place - "Dancin' Fool"

Senior Large Group

1st Place - "Beat Box"

4th Place - "Give Me Love"

Senior Small Group

2nd Place - "Say Something"

Intermediate Division

Junior Large Group

1st Place - "Magic"

3rd Place - "Ima Be"

Starquest - February 25-27 

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

**Appogee Award** Highest Scoring Select Dance of the weekend - Rule The World
**Appogee Award** Highest Scoring Classic Dance of the weekend - Miracle

**Choreography** awarded to the studio for Total Commitment in all of our pieces

Industry Dance Award Nominee * Open - "Divergent"

Industry Dance Award Nominee * Contemporary - "Rule The World"

Industry Dance Award Nominee * Tap - "Bang"

Select Category

1st Place
"Rule The World" - SR Large Group
"Divergent" - TN Mega Line
"I Will Wait" - TN Trio

Fourth Place

"Give Me Love" - SR Large Group
"Something Big" - TN Trio

5th Place

"Pirates" - SR Large Group

"Missed" - TN Solo Reghan T.
"Say Something" - TN Small Group
7th Place

"Jumpin Jumpin" - TN Solo Mackenzie R.
10th Place
"Fallen Angel" - TN Solo Georgie W.
15th Place
 "Spell On You" - SR Solo Keara T. 
16th Place
"Mama Knows Best" - SR Solo Danielle B. 
18th Place
"Swagger Jagger" - SR Solo Jess K.
19th Place
"Gotta Get Thru This" - Sr Solo Ashley R.

Classic Category

First Place
"Miracle" - TN Line Production
"Tap To That" - TN Solo Caitlin R.

"Dancing Fool" - TN Large Group
"In Love With A Monster" - JR Duo
"Seussical" - JR Large Group

Second Place
"Miss Invisible" - TN Solo Maddie S.
"Man Like That" - TN Trio
"Minions" - JR Trio

Third Place
"Queen Bee" - TN Trio
"People Help The People" - TN Small Group
"Burning Up" - TN Large Group

Fourth Place
"Can't Touch It" - TN Small Group
"Beat Box" - TN Large Group

5th Place
"Shaped Like a Gun" - TN Duo

Nova Category

First Place

"Magic" - Jr Large Group

Second Place

"Ima Be" - Jr Large Group

KAR - January 29

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

Elite Category 15-19

1st Place

"Down To The River" - SR Solo Kailey

3rd Place

"American Beauty" - SR Solo Connor

4th Place

"Big Girls Cry" - SR Solo Bella

Elite Category 12-14
1st Place

"All Of me" - TN Solo Reghan

2nd Place

"Jumpin' Jumpin'- TN Solo Mackenzie

Intermediate Category 12-14

2nd Place

"Fallen Angel" - TN Solo Georgie

3rd Place

"Dear Future Husband" - TN Solo Maddie

4th Place

"Groove Get In" - TN Solo Caitlin

*All Star Dancer* _ Maddie Segal

*Hollywood Dance Invitational* _ Jess Kane

Turn It Up - April 24-26

Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

2nd Place 
"Ballet Class" - TN Solo Georgie

"Asking Too Much" - TN Duo

"Sweet Dreams" - TN Small Group

"Chess" - TN Large Group

3rd Place 
"My Heart Would Break" - TN Small Group

"Divergent" - TN Production

"All For The Best" - JR Line

4th Place

"Mirror Mirror" - TN Trio

"Bang" - TN Large Group

5th Place

"Lay Me Down" - TN Trio

"Forget Me Not" - SR Duo

Top Ten

Thrift Shop * Drumming Song * Pocketbook * Entertainment

Recreational Level

2nd Place

"Shake It Up" - JR Line

*Technical Excellence* "Ballet Class" - Georgie Wood

*Best Costume* - "Fashionista"

Starquest Regional - Mar 20 - 22 

​Overall Hi-Score Winning Results

Select Category

1st Place

"Chess" - TN Lg Group

2nd Place

"My Heart Would Break" - TN Sm Group

3rd Place

"Sweet Dreams" - TN Sm Group

"Lay Me down" - SR Trio

4th Place

"Divergent" - TN Production

5th Place

"Asking Too Much" - TN Duo

"Last Last Love Song" - Reghan

Classic Category
1st Place 
"Can You Do This" - TN Trio

"All For The Best" - JR Line

"What If" - TN Sm Group

"Girl Fight" - SR Trio

"Bang" - TN Sm Group

2nd Place

"Ballet Class" - Georgie

"Rock n Roll" - TN Sm Group

"William Tell" - JR Sm Group

"Black Widow" - TN Lg Group

3rd Place

"Bounce With Me" - JR Trio

4th Place

"Pocketbook" - Caitlin

"Chores" - JR Trio

5th Place

"Miss Invisible" - Madison

"Street Ball" - TN Lg Group

Nova Category

1st Place

"369" - JR Lg Group

3rd Place

"Shake it Up" - JR Lg Group

Industry Dance Award Peoples Choice - "Chess"

Apogee Award - "What If"

Odyssey Award - "William Tell"

Costume Award - "Mama Knows Best"

Choreography Award - "Chess " "Fashionista" "Moondance" "Maestro" "William Tell"

Bravo Regional - Feb 28 - March 1 
Overall Hi-Score Winning Results


3rd Place

TN Solo - "Entertainment" - Alexis

TN Sm Group - "Fashionista"

TN Line - "Gatsby"

4th - 9th Place

4th - TN Duo - "Asking Too Much"

4th - TN Sm Group - "Heart Would Break"

5th - TN Lg Group - "Chess"

7th - TN Sm Group - "Sweet Dreams"

8th - SR Sm Group - "Control"

8th SR Solo - "Thrift Shop" - Alaina

9th - TN Trio - "Lay Me Down"


1st Place

JR Line - "All for the Best"

TN Line - "Black Widow"

2nd Place

TN Solo - "Ballet Barre" - Georgie

JR Trio - "Chores"

TN Trio - "Can You Do This"

JR Sm Group - "William Tell"

JR Line - "369"

3rd Place

TN Solo - "Miss Invisible" - Madison 

TN Group - "Broken Dolls"

JR Trio - "Bounce"

4th Place

TN Solo - "Pocketbook" - Caitlin

TN Sm Group - "What If"

5th Place

TN Sm Group - "Rock and Roll"

JR Group - "Shake it Up"

TN Large Group - "Street Ball"

Entertainment Awards

William Tell * Bang * Rock & Roll

Choreography Awards

All for the Best * Asking Too Much 

Costume Awards

Fashionista * Gatsby

Home of Turn it up's 2021 & Starbound's 2016 & 2012

 National Grand Champions!​