ARIELLE  RALHA - Director  2013 -   received her Bachelor of Science degree from St. Joseph College in 2012. She started dancing at LIAD at age 3, and began competitively dancing by age 9. In 2005, she began teaching at LIAD. Her goal as a teacher has always been to inspire, create memories, and share the love of dance. She always strives to push her students to be the best version of themselves! Arielle became a partner in 2013 and recently celebrated her 25th anniversary with LIAD in 2018.  

Her dance skills and technique are impeccable and she is a multi-talented choreographer, teacher, & dancer in Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Strength & Conditioning, Turns/Leaps and Jazz, with a tremendous knowledge of dance

to pass along.

Arielle graduated as a lead dancer in the Dance Company and has achieved the highest scores at every competition level including the “Senior Miss” & "Teen Miss" title at numerous competitions. Arielle has judged/choreographed for Sophisticated Productions and has choreographed for the NY Cosmos & St. Joseph’s College Dance Team. Arielle has also participated in Choreographer Showcases, the Long Island Dance Consortium, charity showcases, auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance” and was chosen to perform at Long Islands very own “Got Talent.”

Her choreography has been highly recognized at every competition on regional and national levels. She has been awarded the National Grand Champion for her work in 2021 (“The VMAS” & “Bad Guy), 2016 (“Are you Ready for a Miracle”) & 2012 (“Betrayal”). She has received The Industry Dance Award in Contemporary, Choreography Award, X-Calibur Award, Stellar Award 13+, Capezio Dancer Award, People’s Choice Award, Technical Excellence Award & Apogee Award. 

Her most recent accomplishments in 2021, was choreographing the highest scoring routines at every competition this season. “Hurt” at STARBOUND (299.3/300), “Boss B” at ELITE, “Inside the Nightmare” at BTS, and “You’re Worth More” at DXP.

She is looking forward to carrying on the legacy of LIAD for many years to come!